Sell Us Your Books


We would love to hear from you. Here are answers to questions commonly asked by people, often executors, legatees and downsizers, wanting to sell us their books.

What type of books do you buy?


Language:  written in English (or translated into English)
Subjects:   literature, visual arts and other cultural topics
Condition:  good (eg no underlining, no torn out pages, no staining)
Publishers: well-regarded (eg Penguin, Picador, Oxford University Press) 
Covers:     hardback or paperback

How many books will you buy?


We are happy to buy any number of books from you, from one to an entire library. (With big collections, we may pass on books that aren't our type, to other booksellers).

Will you give me a valuation?


We will give you a quote on the spot. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. You can bring your books to our shop. Or we can visit you, generally anywhere in North London. On a visit, if you accept our quote, we can normally take your books away immediately. For a large library (ie more than 1,000 books) we would arrange a separate day for collection. 

Will you give me a fair price?


We offer what we believe to be fair prices. We can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. (And if we find valuables hidden in books, we do our best to return them. You can read about us doing this in the Camden New Journal.)

Will you respect my books?


We understand that many people are attached to their books, or those of close relatives and friends, and find them hard to part with. So it may be comforting to know that we care about the books we buy and take a personal interest in them.